This bass drum was played in two different fife and drum corps based in Gloucester City in the early 1900s. The first was known as the Howlett Fife & Drum Band from 1904 until 1908. It was played by the donor's Grandfather, Charles, while he was in the Howlett Corps. It was then handed over to be played in the W. J. Dunn Fife & Drum Corps which began in 1906. Exactly what year this drum became a part of that corps is unknown. However, the skin of the drum was painted over with the new name. 

This item was donated to the society along with felt drumsticks, wooden drumsticks, tuning keys, an HYK pin (Howlett's Yankee Kids) hat pin, a drum strap, a hat with a pom pom from the W. J. Dunn Fife & Drum Corps and sheet music by John & Karen Etherington. The Etherington's who had lovingly moved it with them from house to house over the years finally decided to gift it and the accessories to the society and the people of Gloucester City to enjoy.

Fife & Drum Corps Bass Drum Dating from 1904 

31" Diameter by 14.5" Deep 

Musical Instrument