Richard Butler 

The Morgan's Riflemen

25 & 27  November 1777

Firsthand account of the Morgan’s Riflemen attack the British & Hessians at Gloucester Town.

Colonel Richard Butler was in command of a unit of the famous Morgan's Rifles which was made up of 170 men of the 9th Pennsylvania Regiment.

He would be in command of the Morgan’s Riflemen who attack the Hessian Jȁgers unit on November 25, 1777.

Butler would lead the Morgan’s Rifles in an attack the British and Hessian forces in Gloucester Town on 27th of November as the last of the British forces where in boats crossing into the Pennsylvania.

The Royal Navy responded by bombarding Gloucester Town.

Butler writes about the action at Gloucester Town, two months later on January 22, 1778, while at Valley Forge.

[ Historical Society of Pennsylvania - Simon Gratz autograph collection (#0250B) ]