Researching Gloucester

For those researching Gloucester, this page intended to provide some guidance about Gloucester and the area.

Things to consider:

  • Gloucester was once in Gloucester County NJ, but in 1844 became part of present day Camden County, NJ.

  • Gloucester County once included all of present day Atlantic, Camden and Gloucester Counties.

  • Gloucester Town was the county seat of Gloucester County until 1786.

  • Present day Gloucester Township NJ is not the same as Gloucester City.

  • But "Gloucester Town Township" was a thing and Gloucester was part of it.

  • Gloucester City was part of Union Township from 1833-1868.

  • Centre Township was once part of Union Township but was created when Gloucester Town started to grow and out vote the rest of the township.

  • Highland Park section of Centre Township became part of Gloucester City in the 1920's.

  • Gloucester Heights was originally part of Haddon Township, but was annexed to Gloucester City in 1925.

  • When searching for "Gloucester" online, old typeset will OCR the "s" as a "f", so be sure to search "Gloucester" and "Gloucefter" ( until around 1805 ).

  • Gloucester is often spelled Gloster in Colonial times.

  • Gloucester was also known as "Gloucester Point" but so was the area in Pennsylvania across the Delaware River which is today known as "Greenwich Point" especially form 1760's to 1800's.

  • Three cemeteries exist in Gloucester City:

        • Cedar Grove, Union and Old St. Mary's.

        • St. Mary's cemetery is managed by the Camden Diocese. Old St. Mary's is closed to new burials since 1925 but New St. Mary's in nearby Bellmawr is where many Catholics from Gloucester.

        • Cedar Grove is still active and run by volunteers.

        • Union is still active but is in need of management and volunteers.

        • The Gloucester City Historical Society has some record for each of the cemeteries and can provide limited help researching those cemeteries.

  • Some of the closed churches in Gloucester have donated some of their records to the historical society. The society can provide some assistance with research request.