Civil War

Gloucester City was officially part of Union Township and was the only town still remaining in Union Township at the outbreak of the Civil War.  Whereas, some other parts of present day Gloucester City where part of Centre Township and Haddon Township. 

Gloucester City's population in 1860 (Union Township) was 2,865.  In 1870, Gloucester City's population was 3,682.

The Anderson Guards and the Union Guards.

Many of the men from Gloucester City served in the 4th New Jersey when the Civil War started.    Initially 200 men from Gloucester joined the Anderson Guards and the Union Guards.

Their enlistments were only for 3 months and when their enlistments were up, most re-enlisted and became part of a different regiment, mostly the 6th New Jersey Infantry Regiment.

1861- Lieut. Col. John Van Leer was a resident of Gloucester City and was Killed in Action on May 5th 1862. 

 "... At Gloucester City - Capt. VandLeers Hotel."

[ New-York Historical Society ]

August 26, 1861

Company D Head Quarters - At Gloucester City, at Hugh Mullen's Hotel  corner of King and Mercer Streets.

[ New-York Historical Society ] 

1862:  A few more men wanted to fill up the quota of Centre Township.  

Parts of present day Gloucester City were part of Centre Township during the Civil War.  

Those section are Highland Park, Reading Manor and Cyprus Garden.

[ New-York Historical Society ] 

During the Civil War, Gloucester City was the only town remaining in Union Township.

In 1863, President Lincoln called for more troops and a draft was ordered.  Towns were issued quotes and each town was given credit for men who had already enlisted.

Attached are records U.S. Naval Service Volunteer Certificates for the Union Township.

In some cases a substitute could be purchase / hired in place of 

This is a link to Centre Township's Volunteers from 1863:

"Winter camp of the 4th New Jersey"

[ ca winter of 1861-1862 ]

Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library. "Winter camp of the 4th New Jersey." 

The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1866.

The Southwark Guards at Indian Springs Grove

Parts of Gloucester City were used at a training ground for the Southwark Guards, a units from South Philadelphia.  

Indian Springs Grove was also known as Pine Grove.