Rail Transportation

Camden Seashore Line

The first rail line that came through Gloucester ran from Camden to Woodbury in 1845? This line would become integrated into one of the largest rail lines in the state running from Camden to all of Southern New Jersey.

Camden, Gloucester & Mt. Ephraim Railway

In 1875, David Sands Brown, would built a narrow gauge railway running from Kaighn Point Ferry in Camden to Gloucester and further onto Mount Ephraim. The Camden, Gloucester & Mt. Ephraim Railway would be converted to standard gauge rail in 1886.

The line would be initially be designed to carrier both passengers and freight to Brown's industries on the Gloucester waterfront.

The rail line would be extend to

Camden, Gloucester & Woodbury Railway

In 1894, William J. Thompson would add trolley line to his investment portfolio, the Camden, Gloucester & Woodbury Railway would be a trolley line running at first in Gloucester City from the Gloucester Ferry to the Gloucester Racetrack, both of which Thompson owned.

The line would be extended from Kaighn Point Ferry. Thereafter a great causeway was built from the south end of Gloucester across the Big Timber Creek to the Newbold section of Westville NJ and onto Woodury, NJ.

There, Thompson would build a amusement park called Washington Park on the Delaware just south of Newbold in what today is West Depford, NJ. The park would be served by the rail line and a ferry pier of it's own.

Thousand of people would travel to Washington Park on the Delaware, reports of 100,000 people on the holidays.