Electric & Phones

The Gloucester City Electrical Power Station and electrical lighting systems were built in 1881.....    ( Page still under construction)


The first telephones came to Gloucester City in the 1879.  At first there were private telephones lines, later public phone exchange system which service Gloucester City.  Dial service would become available in 1953.

1880 Telephone line ran from Factory to house.

"Telephone No 1" at Thompson's Hotel as listed in 1885 advertisement.

1879 Private Telephones

In 1879, there were private phone lines that ran from to the various factories businesses back to their offices in Philadelphia. 

Goldie Cramer at a telephone switchboard in Gloucester City, NJ, around 1910.

Gloucester City Historical Society / Cramer Family Collection (30-2)

Sussex & Market St

 ( Looking East - sometime around 1903  )

Take note of the telephone pole

The South Jersey 

Telephone Company