David Sands Brown

In the early 1840s David S. Brown purchased land along the Delaware River in Gloucester City and began construction of his business empire. He built the Washington Mills complex along the river. He was also involved in selling building lots in Gloucester and is responsible for the construction of the Mill Block Houses that have recently been restored. These were built for the workers that worked in his mill and are  among the oldest buildings in the city.  He was also involved in the Gloucester Iron Works, Gingham Mills, Gloucester Print Works, and various other business ventures. Although he lived in Philadelphia , not Gloucester City, he did more than anyone else in providing jobs for the people of the Growing town. He died at age 77 on July 6, 1877.  He rests in South Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pa. 

(Joe Hargesheimer )

"Washington Steam Mills, Gloucester N.J. near Philadelphia"

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The Library Company of Philadelphia:

Washington Mills Waterfront Gloucester City

Washington Mills Gloucester N.J. near Philadelphia.  David S. Brown & Co. Nos. 38 and 40 South Front Street, and No. 29 Letitia Street, Philadelphia, selling agents for the following American cotton and woolen goods.gigi.mwa.org/imagearchive/fileName/389596_0001.tif  

This shipping label is from the Washington Manufacturing Company which was located on the Delaware in Gloucester City.

This high resolution image of the engraving was provided by :  Penn State Library.

 Washington Mills as it is sometimes referred to was operated by David Sands Brown.